NuGEN Technologies Launches "Sharing Experiences and Applications in Science" (SEAS) Institute

San Carlos, CA, Mar 07, 2016

NuGEN Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of the “Sharing Experiences and Applications in Sciences" (SEAS) Institute, the company’s platform for supporting and spotlighting the work of innovative scientists.

“This industry-first program provides an active environment for scientists to communicate, connect, and drive their research forward,” said Elizabeth Hutt, CEO of NuGEN. “As the leading provider of transformative technology addressing challenging sample types, we are ideally positioned to support scientists working on understanding disease to help change lives.”

The SEAS Institute enables scientists to share application-focused research studies and knowledge via industry conferences, webinars and white papers. Individuals that choose to participate (referred to as “SEAS Leaders”) can connect with their peers and gain visibility within the scientific community for their new approaches and advances. SEAS Leaders can choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of participation with each level offering benefits/remuneration to match their level of participation. In addition, SEAS Leaders can benefit from the increased awareness of their work to potentially secure grant money.

To find out more about becoming a SEAS Leader and the associated benefits, contact NuGEN at:

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