NuGEN Announces Key Offerings that Eliminate Critical Bottlenecks for NGS Sample Preparation

The Encore™ NGS Library and Multiplex Systems and the Ovation® 3'-DGE System Empower Faster, Higher Throughput and Lower Cost NGS Studies

San Carlos, Calif.—June 10, 2010—NuGEN®, the provider of innovative RNA and DNA amplification and sample preparation technologies for breakthrough genomic analysis, today announced the introduction of its Encore NGS Library / Multiplex Systems and the Ovation 3'-DGE System. Together with the Ovation RNA-Seq System, launched in 2009, NuGEN is continuing to provide life sciences researchers with innovative and versatile sample preparation reagents that enable a broad range of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications through fast, simple and scalable workflows.

"Next Generation Sequencing platforms have transformed genomic research. The versatility has captured the imagination of researchers because of its tremendous utility in a broad range of applications not previously possible," said Dr. Chris Raymond, Senior Research Fellow at NuGEN. "NuGEN has demonstrated its expertise in the past with numerous innovative sample preparation solutions for qPCR and microarrays. By leveraging our experience and understanding of unmet customer needs in RNA and DNA sample preparation, we have now commercialized additional easy-to-use solutions to support and enable an expanding list of novel applications on NGS platforms."

Through the use of these NuGEN products, researchers can reap the benefits of a complete NGS workflow, expediting results while decreasing sequencing cost per sample. Together, these products give researchers a simple solution for previously complex sample preparation procedures, facilitating new discoveries made possible by leveraging the NGS platforms' full potential.

The Encore NGS Library and Multiplex Systems provide simple, fast and automatable workflows that offer library construction in as little as three hours, with only two purification steps and no gel purification requirements. Additionally, the Encore NGS Multiplex System gives researchers optional, unambiguous indexing capability for multiplex sequencing of up to eight samples in each lane, improving throughput and reducing total sequencing cost per sample. Additional features include:

  • Compatibility with a range of NGS applications such as RNA-Seq, genomic DNA sequencing, amplicon sequencing, ChIP-Seq or DGE
  • Seamless integration with the Ovation RNA-Seq and 3'-DGE Systems

Suitable for DGE analysis of any eukaryotic transcriptome, the Ovation 3'-DGE System offers accurate expression profiling without the need for prior sequence knowledge for array design. Together with the Encore NGS Library and Multiplex Systems, researchers may expect to obtain all of the technical superiority of NGS instrument platforms with the ease of use, convenience and cost of microarrays. Additionally, the Ovation 3'-DGE System provides:

  • Simple, fast, automatable workflow that enables the completion of sample to library in only nine hours when used in conjunction with the Encore NGS Library/Multiplex Systems
  • Input of total RNA as low as 10 ng
  • Compatibility with all leading commercial NGS platforms

"I have previously used NuGEN products, specifically their SPIA® technology, to generate sufficient quantities of HIV target sequences for preparation of Illumina libraries for Next Generation Sequencing applications," said Stephanie Willerth, a post-doctoral scientist in the lab of Dr. Adam Arkin at the University of California at Berkeley. "I believe that the advances in efficiency, ease of use and multiplex sequencing enabled by the Encore NGS Library Systems will facilitate more rapid and reproducible production of NGS libraries based on my previous experience with the quality of NuGEN products."

The Encore NGS Library System, the Encore NGS Multiplex System and the Ovation 3'- DGE System are available now.

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NuGEN provides revolutionary RNA and DNA sample preparation technologies that enable life scientists to do more with less. With innovative reagent solutions that are quick and easy to use, NuGEN empowers researchers to prepare genomic samples of any size, from almost any source, regardless of the intended application or technology platform. Committed to advancing the life sciences, NuGEN ensures robust and reproducible results for researchers seeking to predict disease risk and drug response, potentially shortening the path to treatment.

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