NuGEN Announces the Newest Member of its Applause Product Family

A Cost-Effective Alternative for Routine 3' Microarray Gene Expression Analysis

San Carlos, Calif.—November 3, 2009—NuGEN Technologies, Inc., a pace-setter in nucleic acid sample preparation, introduces the Applause 3'-Amplification System, a fast, cost-effective, single-tube solution to prepare RNA samples for microarray gene expression studies.

Using its revolutionary linear Ribo-SPIA® (Single Primer Isothermal Amplification) technology, NuGEN offers amplification of superior sensitivity for the Affymetrix GeneChip® 3' expression arrays. The result is a highly faithful representation of the transcriptome for robust and reproducible array data.

"Researchers can now benefit from the same linear amplification technology that powers our premium Ovation® line of products for small, precious, degraded RNA samples while performing routine microarray sample preparation," said Dr. Steven Kain, Director of Product Marketing at NuGEN. "This affordable product, which readies targets for microarray analysis in six hours from a diversity of sample types and sizes starting at 50 ng, demonstrates our commitment to bringing efficient and sensitive tools to our customers."

The Applause 3'-Amp System includes all the reagents needed to generate micrograms of material from RNA samples with an easy to use add-and-incubate workflow.

NuGEN's new Applause 3'-Amp System, together with two other Applause products — the Applause WT-Amp ST and Plus ST Systems — provides researchers with a full range of microarray sample preparation solutions for routine gene expression analysis on all Affymetrix cartridge arrays.

"NuGEN now offers a full range of sample preparation solutions that include the Applause and Ovation product families for any input of RNA and any size budget while providing the same high quality results from a simple workflow" said Kain.

For more information about NuGEN's Applause 3'-Amp System, visit, or contact NuGEN Technologies at 888-654-6544.

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Rona DeMarco
NuGEN Technologies, Inc.

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