NuGEN invests in larger state of the art facility while recruiting new research team to prepare for entry into NGS market

New RNA-Seq kit debuts by year end

San Carlos, Calif.—October 13, 2009—NuGEN Technologies, Inc., an innovator in genomic sample preparation, makes a dramatic entry into the next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications market with the strategic addition of a team of experts in NGS, the opening of a new Seattle research facility, and — by year's end — the launch of a simplified sample preparation kit capable of working from reduced starting material for next-generation RNA-Seq.

As part of a comprehensive plan, NuGEN will move its main facility in San Carlos to a larger state-of-the-art building. Both this and the Seattle facility open in November. Together with the newly formed Seattle research lab, NuGEN will continue to expand their existing technology portfolio to include breakthrough applications in the NGS market.

NuGEN's entry into the market will facilitate the NGS revolution by providing researchers with the ability to convert a broader range of starting material types into sequencing libraries while streamlining the sample preparation workflow.

"Our commercial success to date allows us to make a significant investment in establishing a strong presence in the high-growth NGS market," said Elizabeth Hutt, NuGEN Chief Executive Officer. "Part of that investment is the recruitment of a team of new scientists, led by Dr. Christopher Raymond, formerly of Rosetta Inpharmatics LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc."

The new team enables NuGEN to expand its expertise in NGS applications. While at Merck, Dr. Raymond and his team developed novel technologies for whole transcriptome molecular profiling, targeted genome re-sequencing, and follow-on laboratory validation of NGS computational analysis. Dr. Raymond's significant contributions to the genomics field include 35 publications and 27 patents and patent applications.

"NuGEN shares our desire to develop cutting-edge capabilities for front-end sample preparation and downstream sequence validation," Dr. Raymond said. "We are excited to see that NuGEN is already on the fast track to deliver its first RNA-Seq sample-preparation product by the end of the year. We plan to add many more products for NGS in the near future."

It's an important step for NuGEN, CEO Hutt said. "Our existing customers have come to us for sample preparation solutions as they move to these platforms. Adding Dr. Raymond and his team to NuGEN will enable the entire life science community to benefit from their emerging advances."

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