Ocimum Biosolutions Becomes an Authorized Service Provider for NuGEN Ovation® Systems in India

Global alliance enables gene expression profiling from challenging clinical samples

Hyderabad, India and Gaithersburg, MD—January 6, 2009—Ocimum Biosolutions, a leading integrated genomics company, based in Hyderabad, India, announced today that it is now an authorized provider for services using NuGEN Ovation® Systems for sample preparation. This partnership enables researchers in India, for the first time, to conduct gene expression profiling from a wide range of clinically relevant sample types, such as small, compromised, or formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.

Anu Acharya, CEO of Ocimum Biosolutions says, "We are very happy to announce this partnership with NuGEN since we believe that this is an important step towards becoming a truly integrated, world-class genomic service provider. Our subsidiary, Gene Logic, has had a long-standing and fruitful relationship with NuGEN for many years to support our customers' clinical studies in the drug development process. By leveraging NuGEN's expertise and established presence in RNA amplification and sample preparation, we have enhanced our genomic services repertoire and now can also better meet our international customers' needs, especially when working with limited and challenging clinical samples."

The family of Ovation RNA amplification and labeling products from NuGEN enables life scientists to conduct sensitive, robust, global gene expression profiling and novel signature discovery using a variety of challenging biological samples and gene expression platforms. Ovation Systems are designed for use with a broad range of sample types such as FFPE tissues, whole blood, tissue biopsies, laser-captured micro-dissected cells, and sorted cells. NuGEN achieved ISO 13485:2003 certification in early 2008 for its quality management systems to support the company's customers in meeting mandated regulatory processes.

As an authorized service provider, Ocimum will receive specialized training from NuGEN's technical team. This will ensure they are highly proficient with NuGEN's technology and can generate high-quality data from customers' precious samples. To provide advanced support to their customers, Ocimum Biosolutions and NuGEN will work together to develop additional customer resources, such as online seminars and technology updates.

Sue Pandey, Vice President of Field Operations at NuGEN noted, "We are delighted to have Ocimum as our service provider in India. With India's rapidly growing number of partnerships with global pharma companies, our alliance will significantly contribute to the success of customers' development and collaboration programs. We look forward to entering further discussions with Ocimum to expand our relationship to include co-marketing and early technology evaluation activities. We believe the combination of NuGEN's powerful technology and Ocimum's deep insight into customer needs will result in accelerated introduction of advanced genomic analysis tools for the worldwide clinical research community."

Customers may immediately engage Ocimum or Gene Logic for gene expression analysis using NuGEN products. For pricing and availability of their services using NuGEN Ovation Systems, contact:

For North America Inquiries

Gene Logic
Toll Free: 800.GENELOGIC (800.436.3564)
Telephone: (301) 987-1700

Fax 301.987.1701

E-mail: info@genelogic.com

Web: www.genelogic.com

For India and Europe Inquiries

Ocimum Biosolutions
Telephone: +91 40 666 27 200

Fax: +91 40 666 27 205


Web: http://www.ocimumbio.com

For more information on Ovation Systems, contact NuGEN Technologies at 888-654-6544, e-mail custserv@nugeninc.com, or visit the NuGEN website at www.nugeninc.com.

About Ocimum Biosolutions and Gene Logic:
Ocimum Biosolutions (and its subsidiary company Gene Logic) is a leading integrated genomics company providing comprehensive genomic reference databases, life science lab information management solutions, GLP-compliant microarray services and essential research consumables. Over 2/3rd of the top 25 pharma companies, leading research institutes and emerging biotech companies worldwide have chosen Ocimum as their preferred outsourcing partner and utilize Ocimum's expertise for understanding underlying mechanisms of diseases, discovery and prioritization of gene targets and biomarkers.

Gene Logic is a preferred outsourcing partner for providing integrated biorepository and genomic services for several global pharmaceutical companies. Gene Logic's global infrastructure, standardized procedures, capacity, expertise and highly skilled staff support drug development programs from pre-clinical target development and toxicogenomic assessment to clinical biomarker identification and patient stratification. In creating the world's largest commercial gene expression databases — BioExpress® and ToxExpress®, Gene Logic has expertise and capabilities that are unparalleled in the genomic services industry. Gene Logic provides multiple GLP-compliant platforms for gene expression and SNP genotyping data generation, full biorepository and genomic services support for the Genetic Alliance, which is an umbrella organization representing ~600 genetic advocacy groups. Besides providing the physical infrastructure for storing thousands of biological samples, Gene Logic provides services to assist sample accrual, IRB approvals, CRO training, sample collection, clinical data capture and management.

For more information, please visit www.genelogic.com and www.ocimumbio.com.

About NuGEN
NuGEN Technologies, Inc. (www.nugeninc.com), based in San Carlos, CA, is focused on the development and commercialization of sensitive, rapid, and high-throughput nucleic acid amplification and labeling systems to enable the comprehensive analysis and discovery of biological mechanisms, cellular responses, and disease pathologies.

NuGEN Contact:
Ericka Diaz
NuGEN Technologies, Inc.

Ocimum Biosolutions Investor Contact:
Anuradha Acharya
CEO, Ocimum Biosolutions
Email: ceo@ocimumbio.com

Ocimum Biosolutions Customer & Media Contacts:
Ashwin Sivakumar
Director — Marketing Alliances and Outreach, Ocimum Biosolutions
Phone: +91 40-66627200
Email: pr@ocimumbio.com

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