Ovation® RNA Amplification System V2

The Ovation RNA Amplification System V2 provides a rapid, simple, and automation-friendly approach for 3'-focused amplification of 5 ng to 100 ng total RNA in under four hours, and yields between four and seven µg of amplified cDNA for qPCR or microarray analysis.

The amplified cDNA can be fragmented and labeled in under two hours for Affymetrix GeneChip® 3' expression array analysis using NuGEN's Encore™ Biotin Module.

For analysis on Agilent arrays, please refer to the Agilent Solution.

The Ovation RNA Amplification System V2 provides optimized reagent mixes and a protocol to process 12 or 60 RNA samples (cat.# 3100-12, 3100-60, 3100-A01 [automation]).

High level of reproducibility with as little as 5 ng of total RNA: Two independent amplifications of 5 ng HeLa RNA using the Ovation™ RNA Amplification System V2, processed with the FL-Ovation™ cDNA Biotin Module V2, and analyzed on Affymetrix HG-U133A 2.0 GeneChip® array, show a high R2 signal correlation of 0.994 with a call concordance of 93.2%.

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