Ovation® Pico and PicoSL WTA Systems V2

NuGEN's latest products for gene expression profiling starting with as little as 500 pg total RNA

NOTE: Ovation Pico WTA System V2 (Part No. 3302) has replaced Ovation Pico WTA System (Part No. 3300), and Ovation PicoSL WTA System V2 (Part No. 3312) has replaced Ovation PicoSL WTA System (Part No. 3310) effective June 2012.

The NuGEN Ovation Pico WTA System V2 (Part No. 3302) and Ovation PicoSL WTA System V2 (Part No. 3312) are whole transcriptome amplification solutions for preparing cDNA from a range of 500 picograms to 50 nanograms of total RNA. Each protocol can be used for qPCR, sample archiving and microarray gene expression studies.

NuGEN's latest generation expression profiling solutions, the Ovation Pico and PicoSL WTA Systems V2, allow researchers to obtain even more sensitivity and reproducibility with a simplified workflow. The new systems offer increased %P values to detect more transcripts, lower Actin/GAPDH ratios for improved coverage and higher reproducibility of technical replicates for superior array performance. Additionally, the systems offer a streamlined, single-tube amplification protocol.

After amplification, the cDNA product can be used directly for downstream qPCR analysis. Alternatively, to use the amplified product for gene expression profiling on microarrays, simply use either the Encore™ Biotin Module, or follow a validated NuGEN protocol to fragment and label the target. The labeled product is ready for hybridization to the arrays.

With the same input of total RNA and a similar procedure, the Ovation Pico and PicoSL WTA Systems V2 are tailored to produce distinct levels of output, meeting varying downstream analysis requirements. The Ovation Pico WTA System V2 generates over 6 µg of amplified cDNA, whereas the Ovation PicoSL WTA System V2 is optimized for lower output of 2-5 µg.

The choice of which product to use should be based on the type of expression microarray used, the number of qPCR markers, as well as any other study design considerations. In general, it is recommended to use the Ovation Pico WTA System V2 for Affymetrix GeneChip® Arrays and the Ovation PicoSL WTA System V2 for microarrays requiring less cDNA target, including the Illumina Whole Genome Expression BeadChips or Agilent Dual-Mode Gene Expression Arrays.

Pico vs Pico V2
Array Performance Metrics: cDNA targets were prepared from triplicate determinations of HeLa cell Total RNA using either Ovation Pico WTA System or Ovation Pico WTA System V2. The amplified cDNA was fragmented and labeled using the Encore Biotin Module, and hybridized to GeneChip® Human Genome U133A 2.0 Arrays. The data show an increase in %P values using the Ovation Pico WTA System V2 together with reduced Actin and GAPDH ratios, which illustrates improvements in both transcript coverage and representation of less abundant transcripts. The overall yield of cDNA increased with the Ovation Pico WTA System V2 even at a reduced SPIA reaction volume.

Ordering Information

Product Name Part No. No. of Reactions
Ovation® Pico WTA System V2 3302-12 12
  3302-60 60
  3302-A01 96
Ovation® PicoSL WTA System V2 3312-24 24
  3312-48 48
Encore™ Biotin Module 4200-12 12
  4200-60 60
  4200-A01 96

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