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Mondrian™ SP/SP+ System User Training Videos
Initial Setup and Operation

Important: Please verify the protocol files and operating system software versions installed on the Mondrian SP+ Workstation prior to use by reviewing the USB shipped with the instrument for the most recent software files. Please consult the Mondrian SP+ Workstation User Manual for instructions on how to update the operating software and protocol files on the Mondrian SP+ Workstation, or contact Technical Services at 888-654-6544.

Mondrian SP/SP+ System Protocol Files
Below is a table of available protocols for the Mondrian SP and SP+ Workstations. Please click on the name of the protocol to begin the download. The Mondrian SP Workstation only supports the Mondrian SP Cartridge and protocol files in the .par file format. The Mondrian SP+ Workstation supports both the Mondrian SP Cartridge and the Mondrian SP+ Cartridge but only supports protocol files in the .spp file format.

Please note that some versions of Internet Explorer may download these .spp files as .zip files, which cannot be read by the Mondrian SP+ Workstations. If you are using IE to download Mondrian SP+ Workstation protocol files (.spp files) and see that you have downloaded a .zip file, please edit the file name extension from .zip to .spp before saving the file to the USB drive that was shipped with the Mondrian SP+ Workstation. Failure to edit the file name extension from .zip to .spp will render these files unrecognizable by the Mondrian SP+ Workstation software.

Mondrian SP Cartridge Mondrian SP+ Cartridge
Mondrian SP Workstation Please contact NuGEN Technical Support if you need access to any of the following files:
Ovation SP Ultralow
Encore SP Rapid
Library Prep Method 1
Mondrian SP Cartridge QC Protocol
No protocols available. The Mondrian SP Workstation does not support the Mondrian SP+ Cartridge.
Mondrian SP+ Workstation Ovation SP Ultralow.spp
Encore SP Rapid.spp
Library Prep Method 1.spp
Mondrian SP Cartridge QC.spp
Encore SP+ Complete.spp
Mondrian SP+ Cartridge QC Protocol v1.3.spp
Ovation SP+ RNA-Seq v1.0.spp
Ovation SP+ Ultralow.spp

User Guides
User Manual, Mondrian SP Workstation
User Manual, Mondrian SP+ Workstation
User Guide, Mondrian SP Universal Cartridge, 8010
User Guide, Ovation SP Ultralow Library Systems
User Guide, Ovation SP+ Ultralow Library Systems
User Guide, Encore SP Rapid Library Systems


The Mondrian SP Workstation and SP Cartridges were developed and manufactured for NuGEN by Advanced Liquid Logic®

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