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The Ovation® library systems for DNA-Seq offer streamlined DNA library preparation for a broad range of samples and applications.  The systems include optimized reagents with a proprietary dimer-free technology enabling a quantitation-free and titration-free workflow from as little as 10 pg of input DNA for sequencing library preparation.

  • Quantification-free: accommodates an extremely broad range of inputs, with no sample normalization required
  • Titration-free: simple workflow with no adaptor dilution, for 10 pg to 500 ng of DNA input
  • Dimer-free: no sequencing reads wasted to adaptor dimers
  • Whole genome and targeted library construction for fresh/frozen, liquid biopsy, FFPE and ChIP samples
  • Optional PCR-free protocol completed in less than 2 hrs
  • Diversity adaptors to eliminate PhiX spike-in during amplicon sequencing
  • Automated on a variety of robotics platforms


Ovation® Ultralow Library System V2

The Ovation® Ultralow Library System V2 is simple, fast and scalable solution for producing libraries that can be used for a broad range of next generation sequencing applications. This complete kit contains our proprietary DimerFree technology...

Ovation® Rapid Library Systems

The Ovation® Rapid Library System provides the fastest NGS library construction workflow for producing libraries from as little as 100 ng genomic DNA in under 2 hours. The complete library kit is cost-effective, scalable and offers...

Ovation® Target Capture Module

The Ovation® Target Capture Module provides adaptor-specific blocking reagents to enable Agilent SureSelect target enrichment workflows on libraries generated with the Ovation® Ultralow System V2.  This workflow enables efficient target capture...