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The Ovation® Ultralow Methyl-Seq library system provides a comprehensive approach to DNA methylation detection across the entire genome from very small samples using a methyl sequencing or Methyl-Seq approach. The Ovation® RRBS (reduced-representation-bisulfite-sequencing) Methyl-Seq systems allows a focused and cost-efficient approach to assessing methylation state.

  • Wide range of sample inputs down to 10 ng
  • Inclusion of diversity adaptors eliminates the need for PhiX spike-in, saving sequencing costs

TrueMethyl Solutions for Epigenetics

NuGEN Technologies is now the new home for TrueMethyl™ oxBS conversion technology! As an exclusive partner of Cambridge Epigenetix, NuGEN will be the source for the breakthrough approach of oxidative bisulfite conversion. This method...

Ovation® Ultralow Methyl-Seq Library Systems

The Ovation® Ultralow Methyl-Seq Library Systems provide a simple, fast and scalable solution for producing libraries used in conjunction with bisulfite sequencing to analyze DNA methylation.  With input amounts 10 ng or higher, the system...

Ovation® RRBS Methyl-Seq System

The Ovation® RRBS Methyl-Seq System provides a simple, fast and scalable solution for producing Methyl-Seq libraries using the reduced representation bisulfite sequencing approach to analyze DNA methylation. 

Reduced Representation...