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The Ovation® RNA-Seq products consist of modular solutions enabling a broad range of RNA-Seq applications from any organism. The products feature NuGEN’s proprietary targeted transcript depletion technology (Insert-Dependent Adaptor Cleavage or InDA-C) and single primer isothermal amplification technology (SPIA).


  • Workflows for fresh/frozen samples, single cell, FFPE and liquid biopsy samples
  • Targeted depletion of transcripts such as ribosomal RNA and other unwanted transcripts
  • Depletion from any organism using catalog or customized designs
  • Transcript depletion after library creation to preserve RNA integrity
  • Novel modular approach for multiple applications including differential gene expression

Ovation® Universal RNA-Seq System

The Ovation® Universal RNA-Seq System is part of a group of products that provide an end-to-end solution for strand-specific RNA-Seq libraries ready for sequencing on Illumina platforms. These systems combine a simple, flexible workflow that...

Ovation® SoLo RNA-Seq System

The Ovation® SoLo RNA-Seq System is a flexible system producing strand specific, rRNA depleted libraries from low input sequencing from 10 pg to 10 ng of isolated RNA or cell lysates from 1-500 cells. Utilizing the highly flexible and...

Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2

The Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 provides a rapid, simple and sensitive whole transcriptome RNA amplification process for preparing amplified cDNA from total RNA or poly(A) selected mRNA from 500pg – 100ng. This robust workflow, based...

Ovation® RNA-Seq FFPE System

The Ovation® RNA-Seq FFPE System provides a fast and simple method for preparing amplified cDNA from FFPE-derived total RNA for NGS RNA-Seq from FFPE samples as well as other applications. Amplification is initiated at the 3' end as well as...

Ovation® Complete Prokaryotic RNA-Seq Library Systems

The Ovation® Complete Prokaryotic RNA-Seq System is a simple add and incubate system ideal for microbiological RNA-Seq studies.  This system provides a complete solution for strand-specific RNA-Seq library construction using between 100 ng to 500...