• Cofounder and CEO Veracyte®

    NuGEN has been a valued partner in the development and commercialization of Afirma® Thyroid FNA Analysis. NuGEN’s sample preparation technology is a critical component in addressing the challenges of extracting genomic information from small, fine needle aspirate biopsies. Their dependable supply, quality and excellent customer service provides us with the assurance we need in pioneering the development of novel molecular diagnostic tests.

  • Associate Scientist California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute

    My colleagues and I are using high-throughput sequencing methods to study age-related diseases and have employed the Ovation® Target Enrichment System for targeted sequencing and identification of genetic variants. In conjunction with this method, we have utilized the Ovation® Target Enrichment Data Processing Application for BaseSpace to perform data analysis. We found the application to be a valuable tool for eliminating bottlenecks associated with basic data processing. The application aids our studies by streamlining data analysis and accelerating the understanding of the functional impact of genetic variants on the underlying processes of age-related diseases.

  • Associate Director of Molecular Biology at AbbVie Stemcentrx

    A lung adenocarcinoma tumor that was determined to have an ALK rearrangement by clinical SNaPshot Genotyping (multiplex PCR assay) was grown as a patient-derived xenograft model. Using NuGEN’s fusion detection workflow, the tumor was confirmed to have an EML4-ALK fusion after two passages in mice

  • Director at Avera Cancer Institute for Precision Oncology Genomics Laboratory

    The Ovation Fusion Detection BaseSpace Application in conjunction with NuGEN’s comprehensive fusion panel provides a simple start to finish workflow.  This solution helps us to not only identify clinically actionable fusions but also to perform basic research to study how other fusions may be relevant to cancer progression and prognosis in a single assay.

Community Spotlight
Emerging Disease Surveillance and Diagnostic Method Development for Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Knutson is a computational biologist in the Molecular Development Lab at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Diagnostics Lab (VDL) where he is involved in research projects to monitor new and existing pathogens infecting animals from agricultural or the wild. Recent work by Dr. Knutson in the VDL have been enabled by the powerful new Trio RNA-Seq library kit.

Emerging Disease Surveillance and Diagnostic Method Development for Veterinary Medicine
GenomeWeb and NuGEN present Mechanisms of Imprinting: Identifying Parent-of-Origin Epigenetic Effects Webinar.
Jordi Moreno-Romero

In this webinar, Dr. Jordi Moreno-Romero will discuss the parent-of-origin epigenetic mechanisms that regulate seed development in plants, with a particular emphasis on differentiating the maternal or paternal origin of epigenetics marks. In plants, genomic imprinting occurs in the seed, particularly in the endosperm, an ephemeral tissue that supports embryo growth similarly to the nourishing role of the mammalian placenta. Dr. Moreno-Romero will discuss the findings of the study, which found that Polycomb-mediated H3 lysine 27 trimethylation (H3K27me3) is localized to DNA hypomethylated regions, linking DNA demethylation and H3K27me3 to imprinted gene expression.

Dr. Luke Sherlin will discuss current state of epigenetics research. Additionally, he will provide a brief overview of NuGEN's product solutions for this space. He will elaborate on the Ovation Ultralow Methyl-Seq System and Ovation RRBS Methyl-Seq System products and discuss the utility of RNA-Seq in epigenetic research.

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