Infectious Disease

The field of medical microbiology has been rapidly adopting as well as leading the innovation of molecular diagnostics approaches to overcome the challenges of traditional pathogen detection workflows, such as limited sample and low viral copy number. 

Methods such as NGS are being used not only as diagnostic tools but also in leading edge research to deepen our understanding of host-pathogen interactions. NGS for virus detection is being used more frequently, particularly with hard-to-identify viral infections.

Tecan offers multiple solutions for pathogen detection and studying host-pathogen interactions, including Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 + Ultralow Library Systems, which together provide robust amplification of cDNA from samples with very low levels of pathogen in the presence of a host genome or transcriptome and DimerFree technology to enable more sensitive detection of rare pathogen transcripts.

Uncovering the cause: Applying RNA-Seq for disease diagnostics

Dr. Wilson and team identify a rare form of encephalitis caused by an amoeba, Balamuthia mandrallis, using Tecan’s Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 to help detect B. mandrallis transcripts in cerebrospinal fluid samples.

Co-opting the host: New insights into host-virus interactions

Dr. Abrisch and co-workers investigate how genome-bound Pol II levels change in response to Herpes Simplex Virus I infection using Ovation® Ultralow System V2 to prepare ChIP-seq libraries. Their work provides new insights into virus-induced changes in host regulation of gene expression. 

Protective correlations: Response to seroconversion

Laughlin et. al. utilize Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 and Tecan Library Systems to study the underlying genetic events preceding protective seroconversion in cattle and sheep vaccinated against Rift Valley Fever. Their study identifies time-dependent gene expression changes related to vaccine-induced immune response and regulation.