Microbiome analysis is the study of microbial communities in a given ecological niche, providing a wealth of information about different environments and the changes occurring in those environments. 

Recent research has shed light on the human microbiome and its role in health and disease. High profile collaborative projects such as the Human Microbiome project and MetaHIT have published multiple data sets using NGS as a foundational tool. 

NGS addresses bottlenecks of traditional culture methods, such as gaining information about unculturable organisms, and provides higher throughput and cost savings, allowing for mainstream adoption of metagenomics studies to characterize the microbiota from various environments.

Modulating disease: A community effect on disease outcome

Perlejewski et. al. characterized the microbiome composition in patients with multiple sclerosis, a chronic demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, using Tecan’s Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2.

Feasting on oil: Attack by the soil microbiome

Dr. Bell and co-workers study modifications to soil microbiome composition and its impact on degradation of crude oil using Ovation® Ultralow Library System V2.

Super symbionts: Contribution of the microbiome to digestion and pathogen defense

Peterson and Scharf present a metatranscriptomic analysis of the bacterial and protist symbionts of the eastern subterranean termite in the presence and absence of a fungal pathogen. The authors used Tecan’s Ovation® Complete Prokaryotic RNA-Seq System in combination with custom targeted depletion oligos for termite, protists, and the fungal pathogen to maximize informative sequencing reads in their data.

Accessing Energy: Monitoring the microbiome in crop digesters

Weithmann, Weig, and Freitag present a characterization of the microbial communities in an agricultural energy crop digester. The authors used the Ovation® Rapid Library System to prepare 16S amplicons for sequencing, tracking species spatially and temporally as a new biogas production plant is established.

Join the resistance: Analyzing antibiotic genes across environments

Versluis et. al. investigate the microbiota across a range of species to detect antibiotic resistance genes. The Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 was utilized with bacterial enriched samples to characterize the genes found in a variety of ecological niches.

Tracking pathogens: A metagenomic approach for quality control

Dr. Yang and co-workers developed a metagenomic workflow to monitor presence of foodborne pathogens in environmental samples at different longitudinal steps of a beef production chain. In this study, Tecan’s Ovation® Ultralow DR Multiplex System was used to enable sequencing of limited input microbiome samples.