NuGEN and LGC announce collaboration agreement

London, UK, Nov 30, 2017

LGC and NuGEN have today announced a collaboration agreement for the commercialisation of the Single Primer Enrichment Technology (SPET) and distribution of Allegro Targeted Genotyping reagents for NGS library preparation. 

This collaboration will benefit customers of both LGC and NuGEN, as it expands options to access the SPET technology through the SeqSNP service in LGC’s global service laboratories or as Allegro Targeted Genotyping kits for use in local laboratories.

The technology is particularly well-suited to address large-scale genotyping in agrigenomics, where NGS is a widely adopted strategy to quickly and efficiently interrogate hundreds of thousands of regions of interest to accelerate genotyping studies.

Allegro Targeted Genotyping, based on patented Single Primer Enrichment Technology (SPET), provides a fast, scalable, cost-effective, approach to perform targeted genotyping-by-sequencing on a wide variety of organisms using next-generation sequencing.

Brian Kim, President and Managing Director, Genomics Division, LGC, said of the agreement, “As a leading supplier of agrigenomic solutions to seed and plant breeding customers, customers place a great deal of trust in our products. We take this responsibility seriously and we evaluated various technologies in partnership with beta customer sites. The results of NuGEN’s Allegro Targeted Genotyping tests impressed our beta customers and that is why we are excited to enter into this distribution agreement with NuGEN.”

Nitin Sood, CEO at NuGEN, said, “We developed Allegro as a tool for high throughput, large scale targeted genotyping, and the agrigenomics market is a perfect fit. We are excited to have an experienced partner like LGC making Allegro Targeted Genotyping available to a broader audience.”

This agreement with NuGEN supports the recent launch of LGC’s SeqSNP service, based on SPET technology.

The collaboration further strengthens LGC’s expanding NGS service offering.

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Based in San Carlos, California, NuGEN Technologies, Inc., provides innovative NGS and genomic sample prep products for a broad range of sample types including RNA and DNA from whole tissues, FFPE samples, single cells and liquid biopsies. NuGEN’s products offer rapid and simple workflows designed to reduce time and cost per sample. NuGEN products are used by 1000s of customers in basic research, applied markets and molecular diagnostics. NuGEN products are manufactured under stringent quality controls (ISO 13485). The Tecan Group recently acquired NuGEN Technologies, Inc. to further expand Tecan’s dedicated solutions offering into the new market segment of next-generation sequencing (NGS) reagents. To learn more about NuGEN visit

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