NuGEN Announces Launch of a New Streamlined Library Preparation Kit - Celero DNA-Seq

San Carlos, California , Feb 08, 2018

Today NuGEN Technologies announces a breakthrough DNA-Seq library system giving researchers a simplified library preparation system for Illumina sequencers. The new system, Celero™ DNA-Seq, features a fast, addition-only workflow that eliminates in-process bead purifications. The system also features a breakthrough library quantitation method that saves both time and cost. In line with NuGEN’s new indexing solutions, Celero DNA-Seq will be available with both Unique Dual Indexes to detect index hopping and Metaplex barcode options to increase multiplexing.

“Celero represents a paradigm shift from traditional ligation-based library systems,” said Lin Pham, VP of Research and Development at NuGEN. “Through examination of cost, time requirements and overall complexity, we've developed a solution using 3 master mixes which does not require a post-ligation bead purification, a major cause of variability and pain in current library prep methods. Now, researchers have a fast, simple workflow that preserves complexity.”

To achieve this workflow simplicity, master mixes which contain all components needed for each step are supplied in the kit, rather than assembled in-process by the researcher.  When this is coupled with the elimination of post-ligation bead purification a high level of reproducibility and repeatability is achieved. Furthermore, these differences make the workflow highly amenable to any automation platform through simple addition-only pipetting steps.

In addition, Celero features a novel quantitation approach: NuQuant™. This quantitation method directly measures the molar concentration, or the number of molecules, in a library in seconds and is compatible with a wide array of fluorescent detectors and plate readers, including the Qubit®. This method eliminates the need to combine multiple costly and time consuming methods to calculate molarity like qPCR and the Bioanalyzer®.  This means that there is no need to serially dilute libraries and estimate library size, making it more accurate than other methods currently used.

“NuGEN has been concentrating our product development on simplifying and shortening the NGS library preparation process and this has resonated with our early access test sites,”  said NuGEN CEO, Nitin Sood. “As more and more researchers begin to do NGS, and as sequencing becomes cheaper, decreasing library prep time and cost, while maintaining performance and quality, is one of the keys for the future.”

Qubit® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Bioanalyzer® is a registered trademark of Agilent Technologies.

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