NuGEN Technologies Announces Commercial Introduction Of Ovation® SoLo RNA-Seq System

San Carlos, CA, Feb 20, 2016

NuGEN Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of the Ovation® SoLo RNA-Seq System, the company’s latest tool in its suite of sample preparation products supporting research in areas previously hampered by sample input limitations such as single cells and liquid biopsy.  The Ovation® SoLo kit will facilitate research in areas such as blood-borne biomarkers, cellular heterogeneity, and the study of single cell transcriptomics.

“Advances in the field of personalized medicine have driven the study of samples at a single cell level within tissues or cell-free nucleic acids.  For example, tumors can be extraordinarily complex, containing multiple cell types at different stages of transition,” said Dr. Priya Balachandran, Senior Director Product Marketing at NuGEN. “Ovation® SoLo targets key customer applications to understand tissue heterogeneity or circulating tumor cells and drive relevant therapeutic and clinical outcomes.”

Ovation® SoLo provides a complete end-to-end solution for whole transcriptome analyses starting directly from cells or isolated RNA. The result is the most comprehensive cellular data and the best biology from the broadest range of input levels in samples with limited RNA quantity including single cell, liquid biopsy, and other low input RNA samples. 

The system features an improved method for ribosomal depletion of > 90%, efficient cDNA generation from ultra-low inputs that provides a complete representation of the entire transcriptome, and the capability to unambiguously identify PCR duplicates.

Added Dr. Balachandran, “With today’s launch, NuGEN delivers another breakthrough product that addresses challenging sample types and aids in understanding human disease. Ovation® SoLo delivers what customers need – a flexible overall workflow, superior signal-to-noise ratio for better sensitivity and data quality, and the ability to customize transcript depletion for any gene in any organism for more informative data.”

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