NuGEN Webinar Features New Sample Prep Method for NGS Analysis of Multiple Changes in 500+ Cancer Gene Targets

San Carlos, CA, Oct 14, 2015

NuGEN Technologies is pleased to present a Webinar featuring the company’s newly launched Ovation Cancer Panel 2.0 Target Enrichment System--a sample preparation technology that allows NGS (next generation sequencing) detection of multiple changes in more than 500 individual genes implicated in cancer-- from a single sample preparation.

Released in August, the new reagent kit updates NuGEN’s well-established Ovation Cancer Panel Target Enrichment System. It enables comprehensive and efficient NGS analysis of cancer samples in a single workflow by both (1) enriching for an improved and larger selection of cancer-related genes and (2) enabling the detection of gene-level copy number variations in addition to SNPs, mutations and indels. The new method can be used with either fresh or FFPE tissue sections to deliver sensitive and reproducible targeted genomic analysis. It can also be rapidly customized to provide target enrichment kits for any gene sets defined by the researcher within a target size range that may include thousands of genes or just a few.

Typically, to analyze single nucleotide mutations and copy number changes in a sample, researchers have had to employ completely different analysis of both types of changes. NuGEN’s new method allows simultaneous targeted analysis of both types of changes, from a single sample preparation, on a choice of Illumina NGS systems. It thus allows more comprehensive and efficient analysis of cancer samples.

The Webinar, which originally aired on September 22, 2015, is moderated by John Sterling, managing editor of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. It features presentations by Luke Sherlin, PhD, NuGEN’s Director of Technical Support, and Stephanie Huelga, PhD, NuGEN’s Lead Bioinformatics Scientist.  The speakers present data from target-enrichment studies with a 509 cancer gene panel using a simple protocol that generates sequence-ready libraries from good quality DNA as well as DNA derived from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. The Webinar also includes a question and answer session with participating scientists. 
The Ovation Cancer Panel 2.0 Target Enrichment System is the latest release in the company’s drive to offer tools for targeted resequencing that provide basic and clinical researchers with a holistic view of the underlying molecular biology of disease.

The Webinar will be available on the website of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News free of charge until March 22, 2016. To log on, please click here.

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