Still using human rRNA depletion for Drosophila RNA-Seq?

Are you fed up with high rRNA in your Drosophila RNA-Seq results?

Standard ribosomal RNA depletion methods are designed to target human, mouse and rat rRNA, NOT Drosophila rRNA, resulting in high rRNA reads in your sequncing results. 

  • What if you could use Drosophila specific rRNA depletion for your RNA-Seq studies?
  • What if you could do this to your custom specifications?
  • What if you could combine the depletion of rRNA from multiple species into a single step?

You don’t have to use non-specific rRNA depletion for your Drosophila RNA-Seq studies. Tecan's RNA-Seq kits with our unique AnyDeplete technology are available with Drosophila-specific rRNA depletion, designed specifically for your research. Tecan’s AnyDeplete technology offers a number of benefits:

  • AnyDeplete allows efficient Drosophila rRNA depletion regardless of input amount from as little as a single cell to a microgram of total RNA
  • Unlike other methods, transcript depletion occurs after library construction, meaning there is no manipulation of input RNA and no bias in the final library
  • AnyDeplete is completely customizable to remove any unwanted sequence in your library, providing high quality, cost-effective data from any sample source

Tecan’s RNA-Seq kits with AnyDeplete technology provide efficient rRNA depletion specifically designed to target Drosophila rRNA allowing you to obtain more informative reads and reduce sequencing costs.

How effective is AnyDeplete?

Tecan's Universal RNA-Seq with NuQuant kit reduces Drosophila rRNA reads to less than 10% (equivalent to > 90% depletion) and provides high-quality informative data. 

Figure 1. Total RNA from Drosophila S2 cells was used to make RNA-Seq libraries. Without AnyDeplete, over 80% of the sequencing reads are derived from rRNA. AnyDeplete effectively eliminates Drosophila rRNA reads, leaving only the desired reads providing more informative data. 



The simplest, most streamlined workflow for optimal rRNA depletion

AnyDeplete technology is seamlessly integrated into Tecan RNA-Seq library preparation workflows and requires no special operator skills or equipment. Removal of abundant sequences using AnyDeplete is simple and effective.

Figure 2. AnyDeplete depletion occurs after library construction and is integrated directly into the Tecan protocol.

Are you working with single cells or other low input Drosophila samples and worried about multiple manipulation steps on the input RNA?

AnyDeplete rRNA depletion kits work post library construction. This means that AnyDeplete can effectively remove rRNA reads regardless of the concentration of your starting material. Other kits that use up-front depletion before library construction require high inputs which limit the samples that can be studied and involve multiple RNA manipulation steps that can introduce bias. Unlike up-front rRNA depletion methods such as Ribo-Zero, AnyDeplete enables much lower RNA input levels (down to 10 pg) and no RNA manipulation while still offering effective elimination of unwanted reads prior to sequencing. AnyDeplete effectively increases the dynamic range that can be studied, reduces sequencing costs and simplifies data analysis, even when starting with ultralow inputs. 

Do you want to target specific transcripts not covered by off-the-shelf kits?

AnyDeplete designs are customizable for any sample type and any species. With over 15 standard designs covering the most common model species plus humans, and over 170 custom designs completed for over 50 different organisms, AnyDeplete has you covered.

Figure 3. Snapshot of custom AnyDeplete designs available with Tecan's RNA-Seq kits (some designs are proprietary and can not be shared). Tecan can customize rRNA depletion solutions for any species.