ABRF 2018 - Myrtle Beach

22 - 25 April 2018

The Premier Conference for Core Services will bring together international leaders in our core disciplines to provide a vision of what can be done, and insight toward making further progress as we work in the present.​ 

We are excited to share information about our new product Celero DNA-Seq and the innovative quantitation method - NuQuant - included with every Celero kit. NuQuant will soon be available with Universal Plus!

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Location: Exhibit Hall A
When: 16 April 2018


Poster Session. #122. DNA Concentration Independent Enzymatic Fragmentation for NGS Library Construction

Luke Sherlin

Next Generation Sequencing methods have co-evolved with sequencers to work optimally within a fairly narrow band of DNA fragment lengths. The Illumina systems require fragmenting DNA to a few hundred base pairs. Physical shearing methods, such as acoustic shearing and sonication, are the most common DNA shearing methods. Unfortunately, these methods are laborious, have increased risk of sample cross contamination and the sheared DNA requires repair for adaptor ligation by DNA polymerases. Earlier efforts at employing an enzymatic approach have: i) required titration of enzyme to DNA ii) demonstrated cut site bias iii) resulted in a broad fragment length distribution, or worse, all of the above. We have developed a simple enzymatic method to generate random DNA fragments with compatible fragment ends for blunt-end ligation. We show consistent fragment size distribution over a broad range of genomic DNA input from 0.1 ng to 300 ng, and sequencing results of DNA libraries with high complexity and low coverage bias.

Luke Sherlin

Dr. Sherlin has been with NuGEN since 2010, and currently acts as the Director of Product Management. Prior to joining NuGEN, Luke was a Support and Technical Marketing manager at Phalanx Bio. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in Biological Chemistry and performed post-doctoral research at Northwestern University prior to working in industry.