Bioinformatics Software Solutions

Product Highlights

NuDup for unique molecule identification

Achieve true insight into library complexity with NuGEN's unique molecuar tagging technology to identify and mark unique molecules.

  • More accurate quantitation of CNVs, SNPs, gene expression, and methylation
  • New release of NuDup v2.3 with added user flexibility
  • Available as part of the BaseSpace application for Ovation Target Enrichment pre-processing
  • Molecular tags available in Ovation Target Enrichment, Ovation SoLo RNA-Seq, and Ovation RRBS Methyl-Seq Systems

NuFuseD for fusion detection and discovery

  • FASTQ to fusion results sorted by P-values simplified follow-up studies
  • Available on BaseSpace as Ovation Fusion Detection BaseSpace Application
  • For data generated with the Ovation Fusion Target Enrichment System V2 and the Ovation Custom Gene Fusion Target Enrichment System

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.