Celero™ DNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit

Product Highlights

Addition-only Workflow

  • Celero is an addition-only workflow with 3 master mixes and only 1 bead purification clean-up following library construction
  • Elimination of post-ligation bead purification saves time compared to other methods

High quality libraries for DNA-Seq

  • Streamlined workflow enables generation of high quality libraries
  • Reduced base bias
  • Provides superior sequencing efficiency of high and low GC organisms

Lower index hopping than other methods

  • Significantly lower index hopping observed (0.24%) compared to competitor methods (e.g. expected range 0.5-2.0%) using a patterned flow cell
  • Unique Dual Indexes available for identifying index hopping events
  • Multiplexing up to 384 samples available with Metaplex® barcodes

NuQuant library quantification: Measuring molarity in seconds

  • Obtain molar concentrations of individual libraries immediately for multiplex pooling 
  • A single standard makes reference measurements simple 
  • More reproducible than qPCR-based library quantitation methods for sample pooling 
  • NuQuant library quantification app freely available for Qubit® 2.0, 3.0 and 4 

† NuQuant is enabled for use with Part Nos. 0360-24, 0360A-A01, 0360B-A01, 0360C-A01, 0360D-A01, and 0360A-UDI. For questions or concerns please contact Tecan NGS Technical Support.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.