Celero EZ DNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit

Product Highlights

A simple and robust solution for DNA-Seq library preparation

  • A single workflow for DNA-Seq library preparation with integrated library quantification method
  • One bead clean-up step following PCR
  • Flexible and robust fragmentation to generate insert sized from 200-500 bp
  • Integrated NuQuant library quantification for accurate NGS library molarity quantification
    • Eliminate the need of time-consuming qPCR for library quantification
    • Compatible with standard fluorometers such as the Qubit or standard plate readers

Whole exome sequencing with Celero EZ DNA-Seq

  • Enable more accurate variant calling - Celero EZ DNA-Seq library preparation kit consistently maintains greater than 98% target coverage
  • Even depth of coverage of target sequences compared to competitor
  • Greater uniformity of coverage reduces the number of reads required, enabling further cost savings 

† NuQuant is enabled for use with Part Nos. 0568 and 0569A-A01 only. For questions or concerns please contact Tecan NGS Technical support.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.