Celero PCR Workflow with Enzymatic Fragmentation DNA-Seq Kit

Product Highlights

A simple and robust solution for DNA-Seq library preparation

  • A single workflow for DNA-Seq library preparation with integrated library quantification method
  • One bead clean-up step following PCR
  • Flexible and robust fragmentation to generate insert sized from 200-500 bp
  • No sample conditioning or adaptor dilution steps necessary

NuQuant Library Quantification Method: Accurately quantify molar concentrations of NGS libraries

NuQuant library quantification is a proprietary method by which fluorescent labels are incorporated into the library molecules during the library preparation process. Each library molecule has an equivalent number of labels incorporated, regardless of the size of the library fragment, resulting in a direct measurement of molar concentration using standard fluorometers. NGS library quantification with NuQuant is accurate, easy to use and is integrated with the Celero PCR Workflow with Enzymatic Fragmentation DNA-Seq library preparation kit.

  • Accurately measure molar library concentration without the need for library size analysis (e.g. Bioanlyzer) unlike Qubit mass measurement or qPCR
  • Quantify only sequenceable molecules unlike Qubit and Bioanalyzer
  • Eliminate the need of time-consuming qPCR for library quantification
  • Compatible with standard fluorometers such as the Qubit or standard plate readers

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.