DNA-Seq library prep


simple clean science

NuGEN's DNA sequencing portfolio features a host of proprietary workflow enhancements that simplify the process, reduce time, and improve the quality of the DNA sequencing data. With innovative technologies leading to faster, more sensitive DNA sequencing, our DNA-Seq kits enable various inputs and workflows that generate high quality sequencing data regardless of the sample source.

NuGEN's DNA-Seq workflow enhancements include:

  • New Celero DNA-Seq: Fast addition-only workflow with no inline bead purifications
  • NuQuant library quantification: Novel library normalization method that eliminates qPCR and bioanalyzer for library pooling (included in Celero DNA-Seq kit)
  • DimerFree technology: No sequencing reads wasted to adaptor dimers
  • Quantification-free: accommodates a broad range of inputs, with no sample normalization required
  • Titration-free: simple workflows with no adaptor dilution
  • Diversity adaptors: Eliminate PhiX spike-in during amplicon sequencing
  • Whole genome and targeted library construction for fresh/frozen, liquid biopsy, FFPE and ChIP samples

NuGEN's DNA-Seq portfolio offers a set of simple, streamlined workflows that save time and improve consistency. Efficient, robust PCR and non-PCR workflows that can be completed in under 4 hours and optimized for use across a variety of common lab robotics platforms.