simple clean science

NuGEN's DNA-Seq library systems offer streamlined DNA library preparation for a broad range of samples and applications.  The systems include optimized reagents with a proprietary DimerFree technology to eliminate adaptor dimer formation. The systems enable various inputs and workflows that generate high-quality sequencing data, regardless of the sample source.

  • New Celero DNA-Seq: fast, addition only workflow with no inline bead purifications
  • NuQuant: novel library normalization method that eliminates qPCR and bioanalyzer for library pooling (included in Celero DNA-Seq)
  • DimerFree technology: no sequencing reads wasted to adaptor dimers
  • Simple, streamlined workflows that save time and improve consistency
  • Efficient, robust PCR-free workflows completed in under 2 hrs
  • Quantification-free: accommodates a broad range of inputs, with no sample normalization required
  • Titration-free: simple workflows with no adaptor dilution
  • Whole genome and targeted library construction for fresh/frozen, liquid biopsy, FFPE and ChIP samples
  • Diversity adaptors to eliminate PhiX spike-in during amplicon sequencing
  • Automated on a variety of robotics platforms