Tecan's Methyl-Seq product line comprises library preparation and bisulfite sequencing conversion tools for a broad range of applications including NGS and methylation arrays. With the integration of TrueMethyl® oxBS-Seq chemistry, users can now gain new insight into epigenetic modifications with the ability to interrogate both 5mC and 5hmC in a single protocol. Streamlined, reliable, user-friendly protocols that deliver results.


Methyl-Seq products feature Tecan's DimerFree ligation technology to enable streamlined, simple workflows for a broad range of input quantities and sample types. The Ultralow Methyl-Seq library preparation kit provides a comprehensive approach to DNA methylation detection across the entire genome from many different sample types. The Ovation® RRBS Methyl-Seq kit enables a focused and cost-efficient approach to assessing methylation state of regions with high CpG density through a reduced-representation bisulphite sequencing (RRBS) method.

  • Workflows for a wide range of samples, including intact genomic DNA, FFPE DNA, cell-free DNA, ChIP DNA, and more
  • DimerFree ligation technology to enable a wide range of sample inputs down to 10 ng
  • TrueMethyl oxBS-Seq chemistry for thorough conversion and accurate interrogation of the genome to detect both 5mC and 5hmC in a single protocol
  • Barcoding options up to 96 samples to make the best use of the latest sequencers
  • Inclusion of diversity adaptors eliminates the need for PhiX spike-in, saving sequencing costs
  • Methyl-Seq kits work hand-in-hand with DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq kits to interrogate all aspects of epigenetic regulation