Ovation® Custom Target Enrichment System

Product Highlights

Simple, complete workflow from 10 – 500 ng DNA

  • Compatible with degraded or FFPE DNA samples down to 10 ng
  • Integration of a molecular tag for unambiguous unique molecule identification
  • Point and click sequencing data pre-processing available through BaseSpace

Outstanding data quality ensuring high-quality variant calls

  • Uniform target region coverage across a range of input amounts with minimal dropouts
  • Highly sensitive assay allows detection of low abundant SNPs
  • Detection of gene level copy number variation

Easily customizable panels specific for your studies

  • Innovative technology allows target enrichment from a set of single base regions to large regions over 20 Mb.
  • Iterative design process allows for modifications and additions of genes and target regions.
  • Various probe design styles allow for target enrichment specific to your sample type and desired analysis.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.