Revelo™ RNA-Seq library preparation kit

Product Highlights

Sensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 from highly degraded nasal swab samples

Revelo RNA-Seq features high-sensitivity detection of viral sequences from as low as ~100 copies at a low read depth of 1M reads/sample. This exceptional sensitivity leads to the reduction in sequencing costs while still maintaining reliable high-quality results from samples of varying quality. The quality of total RNA extracted from nasal swabs for these six samples was highly degraded with a majority of each sample composed of smaller RNA fragments (RIN values <3.0).


Enhance informative reads with the new SPIAboost technology

Revelo RNA-Seq effectively eliminates unwanted human ribosomal reads (<1% rRNA reads) using proprietary SPIAboost technology for an improved depletion. Competitor T libraries show 8-10% rRNA reads in the final libraries, compared to <1%  in Revelo-Seq. This leads to increased informative reads, reduced sequencing costs, and simplified data analysis.

Unbiased human transcript coverage with Revelo RNA-Seq

RNA-Seq is a powerful tool for gene expression studies. An even 5' - 3' human transcript coverage as seen with Revelo RNA-Seq libraries enables comprehensive transcript analysis. 

Streamlined sample-to-sequencer workflow with integrated library quantification in ~6.5 hrs

  • NuQuant library quantification eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming quantification methods such as qPCR. Using a simple fluorescent measurement with a Qubit or any standard plate reader, libraries can be quantified within minutes
  • Ready-to-go automation scripts available with the DreamPrep™ NGS workstation

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.