simple clean science

Our RNA-Seq kits offer first-in-class innovation leading to faster, simpler, more sensitive RNA sequencing. These kits feature novel, proprietary technologies including targeted transcript depletion (AnyDeplete) to remove unwanted transcripts, DimerFree adaptor ligation, and NuQuant for rapid, integrated library quantification. NuGEN's RNA-Seq library preparation kits are used by researchers globally with multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals. 

  • Integrated RNA-Seq library preparation and quantification in a single workflow
  • Kits for RNA inputs from 10 pg to 1 μg from fresh/frozen samples, single cell, FFPE, and liquid biopsy samples
  • Unique amplification technology for rare transcript or pathogen detection
  • Integrated post-library depletion of unwanted transcripts such as ribosomal RNA
  • Customized transcript depletion to remove any unwanted transcripts from model or non-model organisms
  • Novel modular approach for multiple applications including differential gene expression