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Tecan's RNA-Seq library preparation solution provides the first complete kit combining library preparation, targeted depletion of unwanted reads and library quantification in an integrated workflow. Our RNA-Seq kits offer first-in-class innovation leading to faster, simpler, more sensitive RNA sequencing. These kits feature novel, proprietary technologies including targeted transcript depletion (AnyDeplete®) to remove unwanted transcripts, DimerFree® adaptor ligation, and NuQuant® for rapid, integrated library quantification. Tecan's RNA-Seq library preparation kits are used by researchers globally. 

  • Compatible with Unique Dual Index (UDI) adaptors allowing detection of "index hopping"
  • Unique amplification technology for rare transcript or pathogen detection
  • Integrated post-library depletion of unwanted transcripts such as ribosomal RNA
  • Customized transcript depletion to remove any unwanted transcripts from model or non-model organisms
  • Accurate 6 minute library molar quantification with NuQuant for fast library pooling
  • Kits for RNA inputs from 10 pg to 1 µg from a broad range of sample types