Ovation® Ultralow V2 DNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit

Product Highlights

Eliminate adaptor dimers

  • A higher percentage of informative reads compared to other kits
  • Cost effective and allows for a higher level of multiplexing

Use a single workflow for any input amounts

  • Achieved high concordance between sample inputs ranging from 1 to 100 ng
  • Adaptor concentrations are pre-optimized, eliminating the labor-intensive adaptor dilution step

Complete workflow in under 4 hours

  • Simple add and incubate workflow with minimum hands-on time
  • Faster time to data with better reproducibility and consistency

Obtain broad coverage for DNA Sequencing

  • High fidelity PCR enzyme ensures unbiased libraries
  • Efficient libraries obtained from both AT-rich and GC-rich organisms

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.