Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit with NuQuant

Product Highlights

Optimized protocol to produce libraries with larger insert size so that you are sequencing unique, relevant information.

  • No protocol optimization needed for larger insert size.
  • Better splice junction coverage.
  • Get more data by eliminating redundant, overlapping sequencing of the insert during paired end sequencing runs.

Streamlined workflow for total RNA-Seq

The Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant library preparation kit is a complete solution for total RNA-Seq with a number of key benefits.

  • This kit provides a streamlined workflow with all the reagents for library construction, including UDI adaptors, to go from total RNA to quantified library.
  • Consistent performance and results across a broad input range provides confidence in all of your studies. 
  • Eliminate unwanted rRNA reads with AnyDeplete after library preparation.
  • Compatible with both high-quality and degraded FFPE samples.

Efficient depletion of rRNA with AnyDeplete

AnyDeplete efficiently depletes human and mouse rRNA to increased dynamic range, reduce sequencing costs, and simplify data analysis.

  • Streamlined workflow to eliminate unwanted transcripts after library construction.
  • Efficient AnyDeplete probe mixes for human and mouse rRNA depletion.
  • Custom AnyDeplete probes available from our expanding list of organisms or design your own.

Unique features designed to save money

NuQuant is a proprietary quantification method providing direct measurement of library molar concentration using a Qubit or standard fluorometers. NGS library quantification with NuQuant is accurate and easy to use.

  • Eliminate the need for time consuming qPCR and fragment analysis necessary for Illumina sequencing.
  • Accurate measurement of library molar concentration regardless of library size or distribution.
  • Simplify automated quantification and library multiplexing.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.