Universal RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit with NuQuant®

Product Highlights

Simple, streamlined workflow for any sample type

The Universal RNA-Seq with NuQuant library preparation kit is designed to provide consistent data and performance from any organism and sample type. The kit provides all the reagents for library construction and library quantification.

Efficient depletion of unwanted transcripts with AnyDeplete

AnyDeplete probe mixes are modular and available for a number of standard model organisms allowing flexible depletion of unwanted reads.  Depletion of highly-abundant transcripts from your library leads to increased dynamic range, reduced sequencing costs, and simplified data analysis. The AnyDeplete probe mix can be customized to include probes from our expanding list of custom designs, mix different designs to target multiple transcripts or organisms or design new probes specific for your species or experiment.  For custom transcript depletion contact Tecan NGS Technical Support (techserv-gn@tecan.com).

  • Streamlined workflow to eliminate unwanted transcripts after library construction 
  • Validated AnyDeplete probe mixes for human, mouse and Drosophila rRNA depletion
  • Custom AnyDeplete probes available from our expanding list of organisms or design your own
  • Mix AnyDeplete probes together to target multiple transcripts and species 

Simple library quantification with NuQuant

NuQuant library quantification is a proprietary method by which fluorescent labels are incorporated into the library molecules during the library preparation process. Each library molecule has an equivalent number of labels incorporated, regardless of the size of the library fragment, resulting in direct measurement of the molar concentration using standard fluorometers. NGS library quantification with NuQuant is accurate, easy to use and is integrated with the Universal RNA-Seq with NuQuant library preparation kit.

  • Eliminate the need for time consuming qPCR and fragment analysis for library quantification
  • Accurate measurement of library molar concentration regardless of library distribution 
  • Quantify only sequenceable molecules using a Qubit or any standard plate reader


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.