• Cofounder and CEO Veracyte®

    NuGEN has been a valued partner in the development and commercialization of Afirma® Thyroid FNA Analysis. NuGEN’s sample preparation technology is a critical component in addressing the challenges of extracting genomic information from small, fine needle aspirate biopsies. Their dependable supply, quality and excellent customer service provides us with the assurance we need in pioneering the development of novel molecular diagnostic tests.

  • Associate Scientist California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute

    My colleagues and I are using high-throughput sequencing methods to study age-related diseases and have employed the Ovation® Target Enrichment System for targeted sequencing and identification of genetic variants. In conjunction with this method, we have utilized the Ovation® Target Enrichment Data Processing Application for BaseSpace to perform data analysis. We found the application to be a valuable tool for eliminating bottlenecks associated with basic data processing. The application aids our studies by streamlining data analysis and accelerating the understanding of the functional impact of genetic variants on the underlying processes of age-related diseases.

  • Associate Director of Molecular Biology at AbbVie Stemcentrx

    A lung adenocarcinoma tumor that was determined to have an ALK rearrangement by clinical SNaPshot Genotyping (multiplex PCR assay) was grown as a patient-derived xenograft model. Using NuGEN’s fusion detection workflow, the tumor was confirmed to have an EML4-ALK fusion after two passages in mice

  • Director at Avera Cancer Institute for Precision Oncology Genomics Laboratory

    The Ovation Fusion Detection BaseSpace Application in conjunction with NuGEN’s comprehensive fusion panel provides a simple start to finish workflow.  This solution helps us to not only identify clinically actionable fusions but also to perform basic research to study how other fusions may be relevant to cancer progression and prognosis in a single assay.

Community Spotlight
Estrogen signaling in Kiss1 neurons promote strong bones in female mice
Estrogen signaling in Kiss1 neurons promote strong bones in female mice

Dr. Candice Herber is a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Herber's research focuses on understanding how and why central estrogen signaling in the medial basal hypothalamus (MBH) of the brain controls energy allocation in a sex-dependent way. Her recent publication identified Kisspeptin neurons as key regulators of this brain to bone axis, linking fertility regulating neurons to skeletal homeostasis. Learn more about Dr. Herber's research and how Trio RNA-Seq enabled her to efficiently study small neuronal cell populations in mice.

Integrated NGS library prep and quantification in a single workflow
Richard Fekete, PhD , VP of Business Development and Scientific Affairs

Dr. Richard Fekete discusses the benefits of NuQuant® library quantification over currently used methods for balanced pooling on Illumina sequencers. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • A new method to determine molar library concentration in 5 minutes
  • The benefits of NuQuant vs. other library quantification methods such as qPCR
  • How to streamline your DNA and RNA sequencing workflow

NuQuant is a novel library quantification method that combines the benefits of qPCR with the speed and simplicity of fluorometry to accurately measure the molar concentrations of NGS libraries. NuQuant library quantification method is currently integrated with select NuGEN DNA and RNA library preparation kits.

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