SNP genotyping with no limits

Do you ever wish your SNP genotyping solution was more flexible? Cheaper? Simpler to run? How about if it could provide information on new SNPs, not just the ones in your original panel?

The biggest drawback of most SNP genotyping solutions is their lack of flexibility. Once you pick your SNPs that's it! You also have to identify a priori all of the SNPs you want to interrogate. Tecan's Allegro SNP genotyping with SPET (Single Primer Enrichment Technology) turns all of this on its head providing unparalleled levels of flexibility in your experiments while delivering the lowest cost results of any SNP genotyping kit.

  • Customizable solution for targeted genotyping. Customization on the fly, adding new SNPs to your panel at any time without additional cost.
  • Unparalleled sequencing efficiency, leading to rapid scalability and the lowest cost per data point of any SNP genotyping solution.
  • Use of single primer, rather than primer pairs, greatly simplifies panel design and allows the flexibility to target more SNPs than PCR-based genotyping.
  • Simplify data analysis with targeted SNPs located within 100 bp of the sequencing read start site.
  • Discover thousands of closely linked novel SNPs by sequencing the regions surrounding the target SNP.
  • Rapid, simple, cost-effective, 24-hour protocol.

SPET is the proprietary technological heart of the Allegro SNP genotyping kits

Using single primers rather than relying on primer pairs greatly simplifies the panel design and allows for much greater levels of target and design flexibility. SPET enables Allegro to offer unparalleled sequencing efficiency, scalability from 100s to 100,000s of SNPs and the lowest cost per data point of any SNP genotyping technology with a simple workflow.


Figure 1. Allegro SNP genotyping with SPET provides a simple, streamlined workflow.


Are you tired of the drawbacks with your current SNP genotyping solution?

Other targeted SNP genotyping approaches have major drawbacks.

ArraysHigh set up costs. Hard to add new content
qPCROnly practical for small number of SNPs
Hybridization / Capture methodsLong workflow. Requires paired end over sequencing increasing sequencing cost. Hard to add new content.
NGS (Amplicon based)Limited target size. Hard to add new content
NGS (Whole genome sequencing)High cost due to extensive sequencing requirements


Allegro with SPET addresses these shortcomings, providing a rapid, flexible, cost-effective solution for genotyping at any scale, across a wide range of input sample concentrations. 

Flexible targeting of SNPsInterrogate 500 to >100,000 SNPs in a single design from any organism
Broad DNA inputInput range of 10 - 100 ng DNA allows access to all your samples
Ease of useSimple, single tube assay with minimal hands-on times
Rapid protocol24-hour workflow from DNA to library allows you to get data faster
ScalabilityMultiplex up to 3072 samples to get data faster and reduce sequencing costs
FlexibilityHighly flexible design process allows easy addition of new SNPs as you get more information
Simple data analysisCapture your SNP of interest within 100 bp of an on-target read 
Automation readyAutomation available for high-throughput processing of samples


A simple, streamlined workflow

Allegro kits with SPET are simple and quick to use. The entire preparation can be accomplished in 24 hours, including an overnight incubation. Actual hands on time is much less, making this one of the quickest kits available. Combined with the very high level of multiplexing made possible by the Allegro kits, you can be analyzing your data in no time.

Figure 2. Quick, simple SNP genotyping workflow for Allegro V2 with SPET.


Off the shelf and custom kits

Custom Allegro targeted SNP genotyping panels have been created for over 60 different species. 

Figure 3. SNP genotyping panels have been created for multiple different species. 



"The ability to switch over a targeted genotyping-by-sequencing technology while maintaining affordable costs will provide to research communities a revolutionizing method to forsake reproducibility and optimization of genotyping experiments. With maximization of coverage on target sequences, [Tecan's Allegro with] SPET delivers unprecedented opportunities in fine mapping and association studies, in particular when dealing with very complex genomes."


- Dr. Davide Scaglione, IGA Technologies


Find SPET technology in the following kits:


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.