Total RNA-Seq solution for any sample type

The only kit you need for total RNA-Seq

Announcing the launch of the Universal Plus™ Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant® kit, your complete solution for whole transcriptome RNA-Seq on Illumina sequencing platforms. Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant is compatible with a broad input range and variable sample quality, including FFPE samples, making it the only kit you need for your research. 

Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant offers:

  1. Reduced hands-on time for a simple, streamlined workflow ideal for manual or automated library preparation
  2. Flexible multiplexing, with 192 Unique Dual Index (UDI) adaptors available
  3. Optimized protocol for larger insert size providing efficient use of sequencing
  4. Efficient depletion of unwanted reads with AnyDeplete®
  5. Integrated library quantification with NuQuant, saving you time and money

High-quality data from any sample type

From total RNA to quantified libraries, the Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant kit is your complete solution for whole transcriptome RNA-Seq. It is designed to provide high-quality data over a broad range of sample inputs and quality, eliminating the need for multiple kits.


Figure 1. Consistent data across a broad input range. Total RNA-Seq libraries were generated with 10 and 500 ng of K562 total RNA (N=3). FPKM correlation between 10 and 500 ng input libraries shows an R-value of 0.94, indicating similar data regardless of the 50-fold difference in input amounts.


Table 1. The Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant kit is compatible with FFPE and degraded RNA samples. FFPE samples with a DV200 value (percentage of RNA fragments greater than 200 bases) of 64 and 41 % were used to generate libraries (N=3). Even highly degraded FFPE samples generated high-quality libraries with good alignment and a high percentage of exons, providing a single solution for whole transcriptome RNA-Seq for any sample type.

Get the most information from your Illumina sequencing

Are you wasting money by doing 2x150 PE Illumina sequencing runs for libraries with short inserts?  Paired-end sequencing of libraries with short inserts results in redundant, overlapping sequencing of the library insert by the forward and reverse sequencing reads. For most RNA-Seq applications, overlapping sequencing reads do not provide additional information and are an inefficient use of sequencing space. The Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant protocol is optimized to generate libraries with larger insert sizes, enabling you to get more unique information from the library.


Figure 2. Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant produces high-quality data. A) The number of RefSeq genes detected with an FPKM > 1 is similar for the Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant kit, KAPA™ Stranded RNA-Seq Kit with RiboErase (Roche) and NEBNext® Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® (NEB), allowing comparisons between data sets. B) Average library insert size, calculated based on the sequencing data. The Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq protocol had the largest average insert size compared to the Roche and NEB kits (300 base insert size modified protocol used), allowing more efficient use of sequencing resources. C) Diagram showing the impact of insert size on 150 base paired-end sequencing. The larger insert sizes generated with the Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq kit reduces the amount of overlapping, redundant sequencing, yielding more unique sequencing data from pair-ended sequencing runs.

Don't settle for high rRNA reads

Are you working with human or mouse total RNA samples? We have you covered! Working with non-model samples? We have you covered too! Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant comes integrated with AnyDeplete, a unique post-library preparation rRNA depletion method that is completely customizable. Choose from our existing custom designs or tailor AnyDeplete to eliminate rRNA or other unwanted transcripts from any organism.

Figure 3. Available custom AnyDeplete probes. Contact us for detailed target information.

Save time and money with NuQuant

After a day spent making libraries, the last thing you want to do is spend hours quantifying libraries. NuQuant is a simple fluorescence-based method for library quantification that is integrated into the Universal Plus Total RNA-Seq with NuQuant kit. NuQuant is compatible with either a Qubit™ or a fluorescence plate reader and provides a fast and accurate method to determine library molar concentration for simplified library pooling saving you time and money.

Figure 4. Unlike standard library QC workflows, NuQuant provides simple fluorescence-based determination of molar library concentration in minutes without additional costs. Library QC workflow times and costs are based on published list prices for Qubit dsDNA HS Assay Kit (Invitrogen), HS DNA Bioanalyzer Chip (Agilent) and KAPA qPCR Library Quantification Kit (Roche), and assume either 11 (Bioanalyzer), 100 (Invitrogen) or 30 libraries run per kit (qPCR, KAPA’s recommended 96-well protocol).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.