GenomeWeb and NuGEN present Characterization of Gene Fusions in Distinct Subtypes of Melanoma

Kasey Couts, PhD , Research Instructor

In the webinar, Dr. Kasey Couts describes her work on characterizing gene fusions from melanoma subtypes. The majority of common sun exposure-related melanomas have high mutational burden and activating mutations in the BRAF kinase gene. In contrast, less common subtypes of melanoma not related to sun exposure (acral lentiginous and mucosal melanomas) have low mutation burden, generally, lack BRAF mutations, and have increased frequency of genomic structural variants. Activating gene fusions in BRAF have been reported in melanomas lacking mutations in BRAF and other common melanoma driver genes, but gene fusions and their therapeutic potential have not been well studied across different subtypes of melanoma.

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