GenomeWeb and NuGEN present Mining the Post-Mortem Human Brain for Neurodegenerative Markers

Steve Sheardown, PhD , Head of Molecular Biology and Cell Engineering, Cerevance

This webinar highlights the use of high-throughput sequencing of post-mortem human brain tissue to identify neurodegenerative markers and identify potential drug targets.

Dr. Steve Sheardown, Head of Molecular Biology and Cell Engineering at pharmaceutical company Cerevance, discusses a technology platform called NETSseq (Nuclear Enriched Transcript Sort sequencing). Cerevance uses NETSseq to interrogate the molecular diversity of individual neuronal cell types in human tissue to understand their genetic complexity, the contribution that each of these makes to circuit function, and, in the context of brain disorders, their potential for therapeutic intervention.

Drawing on examples from the company's transcriptome dataset, Dr. Sheardown illustrates the depth of information that his team can generate using its NETSseq platform.

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